3 August 2020

Architecture experts stress importance of Modern Heritage Conservation in hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA Inaugural Meeting and Symposium

hjc888老品牌黄金城 Writer Team

作者:Erika Marie Santelices和Fimma Putri Noviandrarini, hjc888老品牌黄金城 Interns

The Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Secretariat of the hjc888老品牌黄金城 Architectural Design Education and Research in ASEAN (hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA) thematic network held their Inaugural Meeting & Symposium on 27-28 July 2020. It was the first time that the members of the network gathered together following its establishment during the 10th hjc888老品牌黄金城 Rectors’ Meeting and 34th hjc888老品牌黄金城 Board of Trustees Meeting in Brunei Darussalam in 2018.

This Inaugural Meeting & Symposium was conducted virtually under the theme “Modern Heritage Conservation in SEAsia: Education, Design, and Research.” The meeting was formally commenced when Prof. Wong Yunn Chii, one of the Co-Conveners of hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA, greeted all of the participants from 7 countries in Southeast Asia and gave a brief introduction about hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA.

This was followed by Prof. Tan Eng Chye, the President of NUS, who stressed the importance of setting up such a network as a regional platform to raise public awareness of modern heritage conservation and to collaborate with academics in order to find solutions in modern heritage conservation through research and education.

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the hjc888老品牌黄金城 Executive Director, conveyed his support to hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA as this first gathering shows the significance of new bilateral and multilateral ties among a group of people who are passionate and interested in the future of Architectural Design Education and Research which are important for the region. As the hjc888老品牌黄金城’s Executive Director, Dr. Choltis confirmed that hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA will be given tremendous support and that he wishes for their success in their future endeavors.

Prof. Dr. Ho Puay Peng, 联合国教科文组织亚洲建筑遗产保护与管理主席, also gave his remarks by focusing on the importance of hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA in advancing architectural research in the ASEAN region, 重新调整该地区以西方为中心的教育体系, 解决hjc888老品牌黄金城首页各国建筑遗产的保护问题.

In the two-day meeting, 23 university representatives across 7 countries shared their respective curriculums and discussed the importance of preserving architectural modern heritages. Associate Professor Johannes Widodo from NUS, mentioned the need for architects to pay attention to the ethical principles of conservation as this process deals major changes and affects the histories of people living such structures.

The higher education institution is faced with a challenge to introduce heritage conservation to younger generations and all of the representatives presented how each of their universities sought to overcome this. One example is from Dr. Peeraya Boonprasong who introduced a project named ‘Dern Do’ in Silpakorn University, Thailand. 这项计划是为学生展示现代文物古迹的照片, 希望能帮助学生更好地了解历史建筑. Some universities also take a more modern approach, such as the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines which uses Instagram to promote modern heritage conservation. Ar. Caryn Paredes-Santillan, the representative speaker from UST, explained that Instagram can stimulate the interest of students for modern heritage conservation and can be a soft exposure for the general public about the issue.

除了大学代表的介绍, 两位主题发言人也在为期两天的会议上提出了他们的想法.

Prof. Masami Kobayashi from Meiji University. 他们谈到了位于东京的国际住宅(I-House), Japan, explaining its rich history and the methods used to preserve the building such as seismic retrofit strengthening. The main takeaway is that preservation and restoration should consider the “authenticity” and multi-functionality of a building in a sustainable context.

For Day 2, Ar. Teh Joo Heng, the Chief Examiner on Singapore Board of Architects and Associate Professor in the NUS Department of Architecture, 介绍了他的一些保护现代遗产的项目. According to him, one of the most crucial issues in conservation is the decision of demolishing a building. Architects need to critically assess whether the modern heritage site needs to go under total demolition. Oftentimes, total demolition is only a waste of resources and is environmentally unsustainable.

展望未来,会议还讨论了本组织的未来规划. Prof. 黄志光重申了该网络的愿景、使命和组织架构.  The discussion was flooded with various suggestions and responses from the participants. It is to be expected that the hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA future work plan would be finalized within 3 months. hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA还鼓励东南亚地区的大学加入并参与该网络.

有关hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA的所有资料现已可在其官方网站(http://aun-adera.net) which was launched at the symposium. The website will also be used to promote the work of the network and maintain the communication among participating universities. The symposium participants were enthusiastic and looking forward to future collaboration with hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA.

It was also acknowledged in the inaugural meeting that 21 participating universities agreed and accepted to be the pioneer members of the hjc888老品牌黄金城-ADERA. They are as follows:

  1. Chiang Mai University
  2. University of Indonesia
  3. Bandung Institute of Technology
  4. University Malaya
  5. University of the Philippines
  6. De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde
  7. University of Santo Tomas
  8. Universitas Gadjah Mada
  9. Universiti Sains Malaysia
  10. Chulalongkorn University
  11. National University of Singapore
  12. Thammasat University
  13. Mandalay Technological University
  14. Universitas Islam Indonesia
  15. Yangon Technological University
  16. Silpakorn University
  17. Singapore University of Technology and Design
  18. Parahyangan Catholic University
  19. National University of Civil Engineering
  20. University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City
  21. Hanoi Architectural University